Student Videos

Our World Needs Maths: 24-hour time by Alofa, Charlotte, Dilara and Ilham

Our World Needs Maths: Why Budgets Are Important by Aydin, Christian, Junior and Minh

Our World Needs Maths: The Dangers of Money by Andrew, Caitlin and Maryam

Our World Needs Maths: The Boy Who Never Knew Maths by Lawrence, Jayden, Jeremy and Yuwal

Our World Needs Maths by Ahron, Evan, Hemkesh and Robert

Our World Needs Maths: MATHS! by Eanas, Huda, Shayla and Thu

Adam Goodes visit to Lalor East Primary School

Harmony Day 2017

Lego Olympics

Harmony Day 2016: Our Diversity Is Our Strength

Hello Health! Part 1: Teeth

Hello Health! Part 2: Smoking

Hello Health! Part 3: Active

Hello Health! Part 4: Credits

Upstander VS Bystander

The Unbalanced

Cyber Safety - The Movie