We love to read, write and talk at Lalor East Primary. Our students are all involved in a daily two hour literacy block where we explore the English language.

During reading sessions there is a strong focus on John Munro’s High Reliability Literacy Teaching Procedures (getting knowledge ready, vocabulary,  reading aloud, paraphrasing / visualising, saying questions the text answers, summarising and review) and the Big 6 of Reading (oral language, vocabulary, phonological awareness, comprehension, fluency and Letter sound knowledge – phonics development)  In each literacy session we use a range of engaging texts including multiple copies of at level books, wordless picture books, novels, big books and the interactive whiteboard.

Our writing sessions are based on the Anne Angelopoulos Writing Model, where students have a piece of writing modelled to them one paragraph at a time. Students are then scaffolded to write their own piece using a clearly laid out plan and expectations of what will be in each paragraph. There is a strong focus on vocabulary development and the use of engaging writing devices such as alliteration, similes, personification, onomatopoeia and the use of show don’t tell. In term 4 we conclude the year with a huge whole school Writers’ Festival where all students have a piece of writing and accompanying artwork on display.

Throughout the year we showcase literacy through special celebrations e.g. Dr
Seuss Day, International Dot Day and author visits. In 2016 we proudly wrote, illustrated and published our first book with the help of the Berry Street Early Learning is Fun program. Our book is titled ‘Family’ and it was launched with great fanfare at assembly and all children in prep received a copy.