The school choir has been an institution at Lalor East Primary school for many years. It is available to all students in grades 3 to 6. Weekly rehearsals are run on Friday afternoons and the choir performs at a great variety of events. Grandparents’ Day/Open Day is usually our first performance for the year and many nervous choristers sing for the first time. Other annual events are the region’s School of Rock and The Big Night Out at a local secondary college.

We sing a wide variety of songs from different genres and cultures that require a lot of concentration and hard work to remember and perform well. The choir also records their songs every year at a local secondary college and these songs are then made available on the school website. Parents are always very proud of our singing and we have lots of fun throughout the year. We finish off the year with a visit to a local nursing home which is one of the most popular events for the year.

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