Cyber Action Team

The Student Cyber Action Team are a small group of Grade 5/6 leaders at the school. We help teach students about Cyber Safety. We aren’t just people who wear badges on our collars, we are people who join together to help students learn about Cyber Safety. We plan and create lessons for different grade levels. We visit classes and help to teach students how to be safe online, how to keep their computer safe and strategies to help deal with bullies. We help them to develop their leadership skills so they can be better people in society.
We want to teach everyone about the importance of being respectful to other students online and in the real world.

Through our involvement on the Cyber Action Team we have:

•    gained confidence in ourselves
•    improved our public speaking skills
•    developed our maturity
•    learnt how to be better leaders in the school
•    learnt how to speak up and be an Upstander and not a Bystander
•    become more responsible citizens.

Thoughts from the Cyber Action Team leaders about their leadership role in the school:

When I am running the lessons, I feel proud, I feel like an adult and have a sense of achievement.
When I teach a lesson I feel like I have helped them in life by giving them skills for life.
Last year I felt frustrated when running the lessons but the longer we go on I feel proud because I see people demonstrating what we have taught them and that is great!
Whenever someone understands the task I feel proud that I have explained the task well.

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