Physical Education

Physical Education Program

The Physical Education program at Lalor East Primary School establishes a foundation for lifelong physical activity participation among students. From Foundation to Level 6, students benefit from a comprehensive one-hour specialist Physical Education lesson and a one-hour lesson focused on fitness and team building development. The program aims to help students acquire proficiency in movement skills by learning Fundamental Motor Skills, such as running, leaping, dodging, throwing, and catching. These Fundamental skills are developed into sport-specific skills, where concepts such as moving into space and strategic thinking are explored.

Throughout a one-year curriculum, students are introduced to an array of sports and activities, ranging from Athletics to jump rope and traditional to untraditional sports. The program utilizes various teaching styles to engage students, such as SEPEP (Sport Education in Physical Education Programs), Peer Teaching, and Teaching Games for Understanding (Game Sense).

Interschool Sport & Extracurricular Activities

Level 5 & 6 students partake in Interschool Sport or an Alternative Sports Program on Friday mornings during Terms 1, 2 & 4. Coaches select teams during school hours, and students train once a week. Summer Sport, which includes Rounders, Bat Tennis, and Cricket, is played over Terms 1 & 4. Winter Sport is played in Term 2, comprising Netball, Volleyball, and Soccer. During Terms 3 & 4, a range of Round Robin tournaments are offered to level 5/6 students. These include Hoop Time Basketball, Girls’ and boy’s Soccer. Students have the opportunity to represent the school in Athletics and Cross Country in district sports carnivals. Trials are held during school hours, and successful students can continue to compete at Division, Region, and State carnivals.

At Lalor East Primary School, all students are offered an extensive swimming program. The Grade 3-6 program runs for eight weeks in Term 3, while the Grade Prep-2 program runs for eight weeks in Term 4.

Whole School Events

The Health & Physical Education committee organizes two main whole-school events: Jump Rope for Heart and House Sports Carnival. Jump Rope for Heart, held during Education Week in Term 2, involves the school being divided into multi-age groups during the “Jump Off” afternoon, and completing half an hour of skipping fun! A special demonstration group performs in front of the whole school to conclude the event, and a donation is made to the Heart Foundation on behalf of Lalor East Primary School. The annual House Sports carnival, held on the Thursday of Cup Week each year, involves students competing for their House colours (Blue, Yellow, Red, or Green) in tabloid sports, running races and a tug of war competition. The day ends with an award ceremony where the winning house is presented with a shield plaque, which is kept on the wall to show our previous champions for the past two decades.

Lalor East Primary School provides a comprehensive and engaging Physical Education program, aimed at helping students develop a lifelong passion for physical activity and sports.

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