Music and Spanish


In Prep to 2, students are given opportunities to sing and play an array of music instruments to develop a sense of pitch and rhythm. There is a strong ICT and visual component to support students with different abilities and interest. From 2016, we introduced the Spanish language as part of the music lessons. In Spanish, children learn basic vocabulary for daily life use, such as colours, numbers and the weather, and as well as the language specific to the music lessons. Students also learn about all the Spanish/Latin American cultures and how they are different to theirs.

In 3 to 6, there are four main units during the year: music technology, instrument rotations (band), music styles and drama. In band students are offered the opportunity to play the guitar, the drum kit, the keyboard, the ukulele and hand percussion instruments. The unit aims to teach music skills through playing and enjoying. In music technology, students produce different content (music, podcasts, radio shows) using technology tools on the computers and iPads.

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