Junior School Council

At Lalor East Primary School, we select amazing and enthusiastic councilors from grades 5 and 6. The Junior School Council meets on a regular basis and is led by the students. All our Junior School Councillors attend a full day GRIP Student Leadership Conference where they receive  specific training for their role as school leaders. Opportunities to present at whole school assemblies enhance self-confidence and  leadership skills.

The Junior School Council provides a fantastic platform to develop leadership skills, to organise all student fundraising events, including dress-up days and to educate their peers about the importance of being lifelong volunteers. The Councillors play an integral part in identifying, planning and facilitating future school improvements.

Our Junior School Councillors learn how to conduct meetings, brainstorm fundraising ideas and negotiate and prioritise objectives.

Our Junior School Councillors are vibrant go-getters who use their initiative, self-drive and excellent organisational and people skills to fulfill their important role at our school.

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